Fabrics, textures & colors

Mix things up a little and add some depth by wearing different fabrics and textures, denim, wool knits, silk, linen etc.  In a family shoot, co-ordinate outfits using a complimentary color palette, but avoid being too matchy matchy!  By dressing little ones in a bright color or pattern you will draw the attention to them.


Be yourself!

Avoid the temptation to wear things you would not normally wear, in fact, reach for your favorite go to outfit, your confidence  will shine through!  Don't be afraid to bring a fun accessory, like a hat, shawl, sunglasses etc!


Consider the weather

If its a chilly day and you have bare arms and legs, your face will portray how cold you are..really!  Consider layering with an open sweater or a fun coat teamed with some boots.  Hats, mittens and scarfs  in an accent color can really help an image to "pop"!


Know your best features

Legs? Wear a shorter skirt/dress or one with a split.  Arms?  Go with something short sleeved or sleeveless.  Love your waist?  Try something belted or fitted.  Hair?  Wear it down in a style that you love and feel most yourself!

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