Hi!  I'm Lisa! 

I am originally from England, but have been happily settled in beautiful, historic, Old Town Alexandria Virginia since 2003, with my husband and our daughter!

My passion for photography stems back to when I was old enough to hold a camera!  I have a LOT of energy, ex-athlete here (swimmer!).  You won’t find me sitting down much. I love kids and the chaos that comes with them.  I am a right brained dreamer and I love thinking about the possibilities life lays out sometimes very unexpectedly.  I am an empath and I think that is in a large part why I am so drawn to photographing people.  My passion is showing my clients all of the beauty in their story.

I love being able to help a family tell their story.  Each one is so unique. Meeting families at any stage of their journey and being able to give them something to remember where they are at this point in time feels like such a gift. I can’t wait to meet you!

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